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Postby fantom11 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:04 pm

Alcest wrote:
fantom11 wrote:So is it bad that I got every elder on 2 characters last year and I'm doing it again this year?

I just love Festival Dumplings too much.

Yes it is. 75% mana over 25 isn't all that much of a big upgrade unless you're like over 40000 mana *shrug* :D

Well #1, 100% of my health over 25 seconds is GREAT for my non-healer characters (It's a LOT faster than normal food in regular PVP gear, and since I do most of my eating in BGs after I take a node and don't have a healer, it's very valuable!). #2, the mana return stacks with drink, which means I can get from 0% to 100% mana in about 10 seconds, which is also awesome.

As someone with a Holy Paladin alt, I highly recommend Dumplings to them. Our raiding Holy Pallies have to eat 2-3 biscuits every time they need a full mana pool, which takes 60+ seconds.

Or they could eat a dumpling and natural regen would probably be most of a mana pool, or Dumpling+1 Divine Plea is 100%, or Dumpling+Biscuit would be a full mana pool in 20 seconds or less.

I <3 Festival Dumplings.

Keydar wrote:I was just gonna copy paste this comic for this week, but now you've ruined it. I have to do a new one now.

Sorry! :( Blame people in the MMO Champion thread last week, they linked it in comments first, I just followed it here.
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