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Postby Zonack » Sun Apr 22, 2007 7:43 am

Zonack wrote:Well in WoW the RP is kinda ''sucky'' for the following reasons...

a) You can't kill a member of your faction... so (lets say) you find some uber enchant recipe and a Blacksmith needed it just for selling... the only thing you can do is a mighty /taunt or start spamming hate tells which he doesn't care since it doesn't affect him in any way since /ignore exists... so if you could kill people of your faction that would make it more fun/interesting... besides no jackasses would steal loot.

It leads/covers to the following part as well

Zonack wrote: Example:

RP 1: What do you want? Haven't you bothered long enough scum?
RP 2: I go whatever I please weakling!

And so on... insult and insult..

So it's kinda lame seeing 10000 insults and not a single scratch lol if you understand me
Now if you say ''then the 70's would ''conquer'' Goldshire and no one would be able to ever go there..''
Well guards are for something.

Elanos wrote:See, this is where most people who are clueless about roleplay take the wrong turn. Roleplay in a static enviroment such as WoW, relies heavily upon players respecting each other. Fights can be duelled, or when inside a city emoted, but the emote fight will never go anywhere if both parts agree on who wins and who looses. Purely a matter of respect.

Sooo if I want to play an ''ill-tempered'' warrior that fights with everyone that crosses his way I must hope they accept duel? meh guess theres should be both... besides I bet there are lot of ppl out there want to fight without duel... ofc as mentioned before guards come to aggro..

Now about the languages... yeah seems like it was to prevent the emote spamming and hate tells... comon ... you are really threated/annoyed by a guy you don't know and possibly you will never meet, not to mention hes far FAR away? besides what is /ignore for? you are telling me people get pissed if someone tells em ''fuck you I was resting you gaylord'' besides the game I play .. Shadowbane... its a no-faction full PvP game... so you can communicate with the enemies you make.. and trust me.. there are few hate tells... something you can easily solve with ignore.

Now.. why can't humans learn languages... you can learn any language.. as long you WANT to learn it and you dedicate study time... besides ppl that learn other languages speak those languages with their accent.. so maybe speaking Gutterspeak with Common accent it's not exactly the same sound... but at least you understand em.

Peace and Cheers
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Postby Swiftaxe » Sun Apr 22, 2007 1:14 pm

Me likey RP. :( :( :( lolol
Heh, just kidding. Rp is fun.
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