I have partied with Donald.

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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Sethlaw » Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:18 pm

I loved your story, but since I've only joined wow in late vanilla, I got a question. Couldn't you hearthstone back then? :roll:
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby B.O.B. » Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:46 am

Sethlaw wrote:I loved your story, but since I've only joined wow in late vanilla, I got a question. Couldn't you hearthstone back then? :roll:

I am guessing he was not aware of the powers of the hearth. As he said, it was his first toon, so he probably did not know what it was.

His story reminded me of a time on one of my alts during the Halloween event several years back. I was liking the xp I was getting from trick & treating, so I stripped off all my clothes, stored them in the bank and decided to run around trick & treating and picking up flight points. I was doing ok until I got into Eastern Plaguelands, at which point a ferocious beast decided to chase me down and eat me. Oddly enough, when beast had caught to me and killed me, it so happened to be on top of spirit healer - I can't remember the exact location, I just remember that my dead body was right under the spirit healer.

I thought cool, I'm on a spirit healer, this should be a safe starting point, I'll rez normally, jump on my trusted Felsteed (I was a squishy warlock), and make a dash for it. Boy was I wrong. It was not the same nasty beastie, but as soon as I rezzed, another beastie prowling in the area instantly pounced on me and devoured me whole. I did not even have time to click the mount button - I was dead 2 seconds after rezzing.

I made a few more attempts to rez further and further away from the spirit healer in an effort to get to somewhere safe for me to be able to mount and run off. After I got frustrated, and decided to run down to the Hinterlands - I knew there I would not be an immediate tasty morsel. I was wrong on this as well. I found a spirit healer in the Hinterlands, rezzed, and got immediately eaten by the prowling beastie next to the spirit healer in the Eastern Plaguelands.

At this point, I called a family member on the same realm and asked them to come to my dead body, kill the beasties in the immediate area so I could hearth. They did, and that was that. No more corpse running for me. Corpse running would be fine if they did not impose that rez cooldown if you are dying to often.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby xanderwolf » Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:43 am

I have a Donald on my server who I just can't seem to escape from. I play a pretty highly ranked resto druid and I feel pretty accomplished with where I'm at. The Donald is probably the worst druid I have ever seen. He switches specs all the time so I don't know what he is currently (I think he may be feral dps). When he was leveling and in outland, he was balance and he had a combination of cloth healing gear and agility leather. We told him what he was supposed to wear and he changed pretty successfully, so I ran him through a few dungeons to see where he was at. He was doing on average 100-150 dps at level 67. I was appalled at how horrible he was. He eventually was kicked from our guild for stealing from the guild bank. He is now level 90. He does around 9k dps. My level 85 mage did better than him on a Sha of Anger run and I missed the vast majority of my spells, simply because I was still 85. But, the worst part is, he thinks I am his best friend and he never leaves me alone. Honestly, this one Donald has made me feel ashamed to play a druid.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Joefesok » Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:51 am

Xander, you should tell him how to get better.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Migrena » Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:47 pm

I hope this topic is still alive :D :lol:
Being altoholic and after just moving my current main char to new realm - suffering permanent lack of funds to transfer rest of my babies - to kill some time between raids I am levelling my panda monk.
And raiding is HELL!
I am strongly convinced new expansion dragged thousands of Donalds into the game. At least seems like that doing LFG.
And no offence - mostly tanks.
I have the feeling anyone playing class with tanking option is choosing it "cuz is the easiest and awsomest" to play.
Mostly in absolutely unfitted gear.
I did Zul Farrak run - we started with drood tank who was losing health on trash with warp speed - in addition not being able to hols aggro. At all.
I've checked his gear - almost full heirloom set...
Intellect one...
Was kicked almost immediately after we ressed.

But so far best Donald was on Utgarde Pinnacle. Again bear druid.
Not only instead of tanking - was collecting quest items - wiping us,
his gear (if he has changed it):
Cloth intellect heirloom hat
Strength/dodge neck
Agi shoulders (yay)
Heirloom Strength dps back
Agi chest, wrists, gloves, belt, pants, boots, staff (yay)
Both rings tanking strength
hit & haste trinks (ok)

Funnily I was kicked out when pointing tank was "not very good" and not knowing own class (statwise) :wink:

The higher level - the worst type of Donalds I'm meeting. I understand people on lvl 1-40 may have issues with gear etc, but 70-80? Having absolutely unsuitable gear imo is a huge "no-no" - especially where there are plenty of WoW guide sites to look for advice.
I'm afraid there will be more and more Donald stories as more and more new players don't give a sh*** to learn about own class or dungeon/raids tactics and treat it as another CoD type of game where you look only for "better" gear - stats don't matter.
I've already gave up on LFR (Loot For Retards as it is known) because among 25 in the group at least 10 are Donalds
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Skorpa » Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:51 am

My guilds x-Donald had qualities as:

-Not using all talent points, autoattack is enough.
-Learning all the class trainer has to offer?! Quote -"I paid to learn the first two things, I never
use them so I dont need the rest either" end quote
-At around 365 jewelcrafting got all confused when heard other jewelers talk about prospecting. Asking how
to level that skill... (This was BC times, when JC was a bit harder to lvl)
-After weeks of beein told otherwise, still insisted that she would roll need on a second 1h sword if one would
drop. Reasoning was, she'd been a newbie once (!) where she got backstabbed by a paladin (!!) wielding two swords (!!1).
(I know... Where to start untangling that one...) Hence, she rerolled to pala from rogue...
-Left guild with two friends, all hurt she didnt get maintank spot in this new thing called Karazhan.

Last seen doing dailies on her 4th. l.90 pala wearing full raid finder epics with pala tier set asking to join
a good pvp/raid guild. Highest item lvl 390 Souldrinker and tier 13 rf-ed.
Presumed still active, looking for that sword to backstab with...

True story, wont name names. Shes a nice albeit stubborn lady.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby willie5252 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:22 pm

Delete this one, accidently double posted.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby willie5252 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:22 pm

I have a donald story where... Well... I was the donald. I will leave out the server name and the names of those i was with, I was on my DK back in wrath tanking some heroic. (I think it was heroic culling for the drake) But normally, while im a good tank. I was a complete -MORON-!

The Group:
Soth, Lvl 80 Blood DK tank (Banned, Donald, and Me)
Lvl 80 Holy Pally (A damn good healer if I may say so myself.)
Lvl 80 Pyromaniac Mage (Good DPS)
Lvl 80 Popsicle (Frost Mage)
Lvl 80 Sub Rogue (He was... Meh...)

Really, Im just going to say where I was a donald. B/c I was doing fine except on the mal'ganis encounter.

I kited a bunch of adds (And the optional heroic boss) by accident as I was joking around saying I could solo Mal. (Not the best gear at the time)
We ( I ) got mal'ganis down to 50% as i was kiting until I accidently backed up into the optional boss and his adds that were near him. Easy to say, I died, and the holy pally ended up healing them all as the DPS mowed down the mobs and bosses. Me. I was an idiot. The others. at the end were laughing their ass off. I never bothered to release and the pally never bothered to rez until 20 minutes of joking around was over. They looted and I won the drake (Seeing as everyone else had it, but they all needed just to screw with me XD)
Back on retail, and its boring as usual

Some people want to watch the world burn. I want to be the one who started the fire.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby jazewel » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:18 pm

I have an infinite number of donald storys, but I will share one for now.

In this one I was in hellfire ramparts on my frost mage. The party included a fire mage, an arcane mage, and a preist. Three mages and a preist? that should be a piece of cake. Right?
wrong. our tank, who was a warrior, (I didn't note his spec) was a complete idiot. He was in level 30-40 greys, with a few healing greens thrown in there. Oh god, I thought. This is going to be a nightmare. Indeed it was. we get to the first trash group, and I use water elemental freeze so I can get my Ice lance, and all of the mobs, even the one donald was "tanking" go after my pet. I felt the dread that only mages with tanks that can't hold aggro can know creeping up the back of my neck. I use Ice lance and both of my targets attack me. I noticed the other mages having the same problem, and the preist had a few on her too. Soon we wipe. And again. We have killed one trash group. Donald can't even hold one target on him.

I decide to pull out the old mage tank, because obiviously I could do it much better than Donald could, and what do you know... I have all but the other two mages main targets centered on me. There was one flaw in this plan. A mediocore healer can not heal a mage in cloth armor attemting to tank for a long period of time. The healer goes oom, and we wipe for the third time. I ask if we could kick donald, but the fire mage got all offended and said that Donald was his best friend and they kicked me. Hey no loss there :wink:

I will post more Donald stories later, but I have to try to find a few that really shine.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Alcest » Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:42 am

Holy freaking 5+ year long thread, Batman!

I actually had a DK Donald Tank recently. Was doing SM (Armory/Library) with Donald DK tank, Warrior DPS, some healer, some other DPS, and Me, a Frost Mage. I wasn't really paying attention until the first boss, but I noticed that the Warrior's HP was going down a lot on every pack (I also had a lot of fail shatters so I didn't get aggro). Okay, the DK's just warming up.

We pull the first boss. The Warrior and I were the ONLY ONES WHO TOOK DAMAGE FROM THE FIGHT. I checked the DK's buffs and noticed Blood Presence. I checked their specc and saw it was Blood. "WTF?" I was thinking. I check their talents and glyphs... ... ... Oh god. I don't even want to talk about it.

So we (barely) get through the trash to the second boss and I notice that I tanked every pack (now that I stopped failing my shatters). We pull the second boss and... ... Wow. Not a single taunt off of me. I tanked the boss from 100 to 0, and even asked for taunts. Not a taunt. NOT A SINGLE TAUNT.

We finally get to the second to last room and the DK pulled 2 mobs. I was getting really tired of going so slow and proceeded to pull the next pack. We end up wiping because the Warrior just dropped suddenly and the DK didn't do anything.

"WOW, WTF DUDE?!" screams the DK. I told them I was tired of having a player doing nothing in our group. "Like srsly? Who are you referring to?" they said. I opened up recount and posted the Damage Taken for the instance. I was IN FIRST at 25% and the DK was at 23% (a good 15% of that was solely from getting caught in the second boss's Blades of Light thing). I also posted their spells for the instance: ZERO D&D, ZERO DISEASES, and Blood Boil doing a good 75% of their damage.


My counter-argument? I inspected the Warrior (who was getting roughly the same aggro as me), and pointed out that he was still in blues and some LFR/Normal T14 pieces, just a few iLevels above the fail DK.

At that point, we proceeded to kick them because we simply had it with their ineptitude and rudeness.

While this person isn't as bad as, say, Donald, they were much worse than I'm making them out to be. Trust me when I at least say this: They were dead weight, and you have to be TRYING to fail this bad.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Kall » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:23 pm

I'm kind of smiling as I re-read through this thread. I made it so long ago and to see it still active kind of warms the cockles of my heart in a weird way. I guess the Donalds of WoW transcend time and reason. Seeing the original post was like a blast from my WoW past. I'm still playing, and I've run into many a Donald since TBC. I've read Dark Legacy throughout this time period, so having both that and this thread as a reminder of my WoW past is...interesting. :) In a good way. (I wish I could still write the way I did in the OP, though.)

Shine on, you crazy Donald diamonds and keep sharing your stories. And thank you to Keydar for keeping the site and comic going.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Temperate » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:21 am


Let's keep this badass thread alive.
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Postby jazewel » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:58 am

Ok, this story is about the saddest excuse of a druid I have ever had the misfortune to meet. I was on my priest in a level thirty dungeon, (I don't recall the name of it.)
and I see something that worries me greatly. Our tank is a balance druid, has grey/white cloth gear equipped, and is not even in bear form! He didn't respond to whispers, or party chat, and when we went for the first pull, he just auto-attacks one target, in caster form! He couldn't stay alive long enough for me to cast flash heal on him. Luckily we had a pally in are group, who switched specs and proceded as tank.We were going to kick the fail/moron/noob/ect... druid, but all of a sudden he just leaves. To which my group laughed about how he was doing everybody in the random dungeon que a big favor by staying out of it for thirty minutes.
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Re: the previous post is invalid

Postby jazewel » Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:28 pm

ok, so my above post refers to the saddest excuse of a druid I had ever seen. Well today I met worse. Far worse. Three utterly terrible druids in one day, one dungeon.

So I was on my level 19 troll hunter, and I qued for wailing caverns. We enter the dungeon and see the tank is a druid. Before the rest of the group arrives, he storms into battle as... you guessed it caster form. My pet Humar (cat) instantly pulls mobs, even with growl turned off. I pull mobs. The rouge pulls mobs. The healer just heals the tank. The tank doesn't wait one second before he charges off again. We ask the healer to heal the rouge instead, who was getting all the aggro. The druid healer keeps on healing the tank, letting the rest of us die. At this point the rouge says, "Lets need on every thing." I agree. We get to the first boss, and me the rouge and the warlock run around like chickens with our heads cut off as random trash mobs that hadn't been killed yet were taking shifts chasing us, while the boss was running after the tank and healer, who kept jumping of the cliff. To escape death we all fled back through the entrence of the instance.

We re-enter the dungeon, and finnaly! We can kick the healer and Donald druid tank. The rouge is very thankful, and so am I when we see that are new healer is a very capable level 17 priest. Not so much when we see our new tank, a balance druid in moonkin form carrying a horde balloon. We nicknamed him balloonkin Great. Just Great. We kick one non-tank druid, and get a second. The rouge leaves and her replacement is a monk who doesn't even attack. The priest healer wonders why me and the warlock were going nuts about the tank, so we filled him in. We proceeded to do the next boss in a sloppy fashion. After that the priest who had obviously had a hard time, said

"I will tank for the rest, Jozbecko [me] please turn off your pets growl."

And after this, things go perfect. Me the priest and our warlock friend laugh our butts off at ballonkin and our priest tank, but eventually the warlock has to go, and the monk was DC so only me the priest and balloonkin were left. We actually didn't have any trouble, and if anything, were going ridiculously quick. Eventually I had to leave though, because my parents are visiting my place for a week, and I had to go clean/make dinner. I still laugh thinking about my priest friend, and Balloonkin all alone killing the murlock boss. I wonder if they did it. If so Priest would be tanking and healing, and for the most part dpsing. At level 17. Did he do it? I will never know I would like to think he did. ;)
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Tydosius » Thu May 23, 2013 4:34 am

I just read the list additions to the worst tank, now lets have a go at making a healer dummy to bash!

worst healer:
- uses wrong healing spells (nourish for druids, etc.)
- blames tank for taking too much damage
- stands in the fire
- complains when people other than the tank ask to be healed
- switches to dps or tank in the middle of a fight
- refuses to learn about the fights
- chooses wrong spec
- heals one dps while tank is dying
- puts AoE healing spells where nobody is
- constantly heals party member with full health
- common grade gear
- wrong stats
- AFKs at start of instance
- is non-existant
and finally, one that is actually a warrior.
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