I have partied with Donald.

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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Hecubah86 » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:55 pm

I apologize for the thread necromancy, but I encountered quite the pair of Donalds last night in Stormstout Brewery. Yes, Donalds still exist in MoP!

The Group!
Tank: Druid (pretty Donald-ish)
Healer: Priest (the Donald)
DPS1: Mage
DPS2: Hunter
DPS3: DK (Me)

You know it's going to be a bad group when the healer pulls mobs for the tank. At least the tank could hold aggro and pulled off of the healer about 95% of the time. When we get too Ook-Ook's room, the tank freezes up, so what does our intrepid priest do? He hops on a beer keg and steers it into a pack of hozen. So unfortunately, the tank decides to follow suit, not giving a whit about aggro. I herded up the hozen and helped the other dps burn them down until we got our 50 monkeyman kills. I thought it couldn't get much worse. I was wrong.

The priest, in all of his wisdom, drives a keg into Ook and starts hitting him with Penance so he could Atonement-bubble himself, but he was going down pretty fast. I managed to pick the monkey king up pretty quickly and DW Frost tanked him. I was a little rusty, since I haven't tanked since going through Northrend content over a year ago, let alone ever considering Frost tanking (DK was left to languish on my old server after server-transferring my other high leveled toons until last month). I didn't move out of some ground pounds quickly enough, but I managed to Death Strike spam-heal myself and keep Ook off of everyone else. I kept waiting for the druid, but no such luck. I thankfully got him down without losing a single party member. After Ook bit it, the druid finally remembers they're the tank and starts to pick off the Vermin in the gauntlet before Hoptallus one by one. We had to tell Druid to just run so we could AoE them down just outside the Hoptallus fight. The rest of the dungeon was fairly uneventful, barring the fact that the tank wouldn't pull Alementals out of carbonation puddles before the end boss fight. On the plus side, I got some shiny new bracers to rebuild my tanking set.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Teamer » Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:39 am

It's not necromancy if it has already been ressurected several times :D
And also, wow. The MoP dungeons are really easy, and somehow people still find ways to mess up.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby The Great JT » Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:52 pm

Teamer wrote:The MoP dungeons are really easy, and somehow people still find ways to mess up.

I've seen no less than a half-dozen times I've seen someone get locked out of the room for the final boss in Temple of the Jade Serpent. Twice it was the healer but since the tanks were, respectively, a death knight (I was on my mage) or me (paladin, DPS was amazing), it was like nothing of value was lost. I still felt bad about the guy getting the door slammed in his face, though.

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Postby Uzochi » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:17 pm

Zealia wrote:think everyone has had their fair share of bad tanks or bad healers, oddly enough dps classes usually get away with being bad :roll:

The anecdote itself is a prime example for bad dps as well, sure the tank seems to be a real donald, but the DPS must have been extreme terribad as well.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Hecubah86 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:47 pm

It seems like everywhere I look, there are Donalds. Not long ago, I was running Ulduar on my disc priest with a random group for transmog. So, I go in and after a few fights, one of the DPS complains that I'm not healing anyone and I'm just casting spells. Thankfully we weren't using Vent otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to keep the condescending tone out of my voice as I explained how disc works. I sadly had to swap to holy to make the whiny dps feel better about himself.

To be fair, I've had a few Donald moments myself, usually after work when I'm tired. Running Direbrew while having a brewfest stein equipped instead of my staff, facepulling Rags 2.0 in FL on accident when my laptop's touchpad fired off an arcane shot while I was responding to a whisper, forgetting to dismiss my water elemental before jumping in Gnomer and pulling an entire hallway of Troggs, and I think I even contributed to a wipe in SM on my lowbie lock after losing my Felhound. The stupid dog just kept pulling everything until it died.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Lantaar » Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:13 am

After returning to WoW earlier this year, I just ran into my first real Donald a couple of days ago. I was running random dungeon with my main, to farm justice points for heirloom gear for my new alt. The dungeon finder put us into Shado Pan Monastery. The setup was me (elemental shaman, highly overgeared for random dungeons), a druid healer, two random dps and the tauren warrior tank holding a horde ballon, the Donald. Even before we started, the healer noticed that the tank had 247k hp, which is almost 200k lower than it should be at lvl 90. The tanks immediate response was, that he's a new ding. I already feared he wouldn't be able to hold aggro if I start dpsing, as the average ilvl in random heroics is somewhere between 420-470 and I was in 553 gear. First mob he pulls, I wait a moment to start casting, and as soon as I cast my first flame shock, I pull the mob off the tank. The mob dies, tank goes on to the first group of mobs. I give it a good five count before I cast the first chain lightning, which of course pulls off all the mobs. I tank the mobs, kill it, then I immediately target the tank to see his item level. My addon wouldn't show it for some reason, so I inspect him and this is what I find:
Donald's items
Donaldtank.jpg (74.09 KiB) Viewed 13487 times
I was surprised to see it. Then the following conversation happened on the party chat:

[I] [Lantaar]: hey tank, why are you wearing 150 ilvl ish gear?
[23:51:52] [I] [Donald-Frostwhisper]: new ding
[23:52:11] [I] [Lantaar]: that"'s not an excuse for wearing lvl 67 items
[23:52:17] [I] [Druid healer-DefiasBrotherhood]: u have better gear if u do quests
[23:52:26] [I] [Donald-Frostwhisper]: and i level with no quests only farm exp from mobs
[23:52:33] [I] [Lantaar]: lvl 50 and 58 rings
[23:52:35] [I] [Donald-Frostwhisper]: quests are boorgin
[23:52:57] [I] [Druid healer-DefiasBrotherhood]: go and buy on aH then
[23:53:13] [I] [Donald-Frostwhisper]: this is faster and better gear
[23:53:19] [I] [Lantaar]: your itemlvl must be like 250
[23:53:38] [I] [Lantaar]: more like 175ish

To our surprise and after this he left without saying another word. And we all cheered.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby The Great JT » Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:21 am

No trinkets, either, I notice.

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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby B.O.B. » Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:55 am

Lantaar wrote:...snip...

He could even buy better gear just by going to the 'Adventurers Supplies' vendor NPC in Townlong Steppes. Yeah it's all green gear, but it would be a good way to get some basic gear to start with.

The scariest statement of all though was that he ground to lvl 90 killing mobs...I can't imagine how long that took. That sounds more boring then just doing quests.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby chaoscurtis » Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:28 pm

Well if anything you have to commend him on his insanity.

I've long since retired from retail, but I'll keep this sig up as a memento to the fun I had there.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby dovius » Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:43 am

chaoscurtis wrote:Well if anything you have to commend him on his insanity.

I'd compare it with Insane to the Membrane, except that I'm positive that that would take less mob-grinding to complete then getting to 90 with only mobs.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Fangyu » Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:52 pm

So, I partied with at least one Donald last night.
Final group at last boss:
Me: Blood DK (tank obviously) 87
Warlock (forgetable) 87
Priest (heals)87
Hunter (DONALD #1) 86
Furry Warrior (Donaldish, almost Donald #2) 88

So, its been over a month and a half since I last played WoW, but I just got back in the other day and I'm checking out the changes, and getting back to leveling and getting the feel for DK tanking, so I may have been moving slow, but only because i wanted to do it right. So i LFG, accept to enter the dungeon, pick up the quests, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the warrior charge off into the first group of mobs. I get over my initial 'WTF?!' and rush in and grab agro. No one dies, but the healer /ragequits at the warrior. In hindsight, i should have fallowed him.
Me: Don't do that again, because i'll seriously let you die
Warrior: nuub, i dont die

we get new healer and press on. Warrior behaves for the most part. One of the DPS drops out and that is when we pick up the huntard Donald. The hunter pulls mobs. I get annoyed. And then, i find out that the healer has no more food or drink to recover mana. Hunter pulls. I have to heal myself with death strike and my panic button macro for Vampiric Blood and Rune Tap.

Finally, as we are getting off the lift, I say that we have to wait for the healer to get mana, the old fashioned, they-have-no-food-so-we-have-to-sit-here way, and i see Donald #1, the huntard, going camouflaged off around the corner to the final boss room. The pull in the hall was bad, warlock dies, and Huntard is still in the boss room, NOT FIGHTING AT ALL!!!

I'm yelling im the party chat for the huntard to get his scrawny female N.Elf ass back in here. Nope, he does NOTHING. At this point, I'm ranting and pissed in guild chat as i get to the boss room, healer is getting low on mana, clear first group of gaurds in the room with STILL no help from the Donald-Huntard. I'm Yelling at Donald-Huntard. Donald Huntard pulls the quillen before the boss, and heals has no mana.
:evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :evil:
We get the quillen down, and i tell everyone to move back to the door, and once the heals has mana, i'll pull the boss to the doorway. Standard procedure for Xin the Weaponmaster.
Huntard asks whe the heals doesnt drink. I have a full blown eyetwitch about that alone at this point. I try to as patiently as I can at that point explain that the heals was out. He says give him some. NO ONE IN THE GROUP WAS ON THE SAME REALM AS THE HEALER!!!

When the healer finally has max mana, Donald-Huntard is still standing in the middle of the room near me. I tell him to get his ass back by the door. He doesnt listen. I pull Xin and try to kite him back to the door, but the Huntard's cat, which has had Growl on the ENTIRE TIME pulls the agro from me. SO I have to DG and Dark Command Xin and try and draw him back to the door. While we thankfully dont wipe, by this point I'm ready to commit genocide on all hutards EVERYWHERE!

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Yeah, I was beyond pissed and raving in guild chat.
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Varric » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:38 am

Oh yes, the subject gets never old.
I had a strange Case of Partying with Donald recently and I still have mixed Feelings about it.
Our Regular Raid Group which is composed of several guilds became a little annoying since we had several Kroms (Broken Veterans, maybe also Narcissists) and some of the softer hearted Players from our guild got fed up with being shouted at for stupid little things which could easily being explained more politely.
So we decided to set up a new Group composed mainly of like minded Players from our Guild.
However our Guild-Leader was more concerned with disposition than with skill and so we ended up with mostly pleasant Players which also meant we had several Donalds.
We started with the Thunder King Raid despite many of us already had braved the Siege of Orgrimmar just to get familiar with each other.
Our Raid Leader was a Professional (Nyte) (since we all know Unicorns don't exist) and he was quite patient and his Tone was very polite.
So we went through the Raid and we simply geared out the first three Bosses (to be precise, we had 2 DDs we dished out lots of Damage and one excellent healer that the rest could be easily dragged along.
I already notice that my companion Tank had the bad habit of dying at least once per Boss, while I could Tank Horidon all by myself (yes, I'm a Paladin). However when we reached Tortos it became apparent we had at least two Donalds one was a healer and one was a DD.
Tortos is not necessarily a fight where a single mistake can wipe the whole raid but the combination caused a chain-reaction:
First the DD-Donald was one of our few range DDs which meant he was needed to take care of the Turtles.
Turtle not down in Time (because Donald was on wrong Turtle, not on a turtle at all or died in some AOE) -> Tortos breathes and I was suddely alone.
Similar Problem with the Healer-Donald: Either dead because he did not move out of AOE or not healing because running around in panic and his target out of range.
Both basically means one less Healer hich in turn means the other healers had to do extra which often resulted in the death of the weaker Tank (I don't think he was a Donald, just not as well geared a I) which also leads to a wipe, most likely because of Vampire Bats or an untanked Tortos.

But now for the thing that really brought it to it's knees:
Our Raidleader tried to instruct the Donalds, but the Donalds turned out to be really sensible (which is actually not very Donald, since he never seems to feel offended) and felt that the raid leader put to much pressure on them.
Result: Raidleader (Nyte/Professional) broke and turned away since he felt that he was not the right one for the raid. The Professionals followed soon after since it made no sense to them to protect the bad players and scare away the good ones and after all the original plan was doing the siege of Orgrimmar and not wiping at Tortos (this did not all happen on one evening but about three weeks).

I consider myself a casual/Keydar type player of which we have several in our guild and after all this I finally left since it makes no sense anymore and rejoined the old Group, but I still feel bad.
After all a Donald is a poor player but with a pleasant disposition so I am leaving several nice guys (no all Donalds, also Keydars) alone to rot in the Palace.

For the Playertype references, please check out
There is much truth in there!
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Re: I have partied with Donald.

Postby Oxycodon » Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:04 am

Me and my best friend just did a Zul Farrak run with the biggest Donald I've encountered in a long time.

For the record, I level a lot of characters and I enjoy dungeons quite a lot when I level. Its great that you're able to get some variation from the monotonous grind and try to get your head around the rotation, class, build and so on and so forth. However, LFG can really screw you over sometimes, as this story shows.

The core players in this run were:

Me (level 49 protection warrior) - Signed up as tank. I'm not going to say that I'm the greatest warrior tank that ever existed. However, I already have two warriors leveled up to 85 on alliance and 88 on horde respectively, and I've tanked raids such as Firelands. I know the class, and its not like its all that difficult anyway at lower levels. Had all xp boosting heirlooms except trinkets and the ring.

My Friend (level 48? enhancement shaman) - Signed up as dps. Played since vanilla, and a damn solid player. He'd just respecced to enhancement for the first time, you know, just for fun. Fully equipped with heirlooms.

Donald (level 46 protection warrior) - Signed up as dps. I would love to say that he had lousy gear (he actually did have several leather pieces and an agility sword, but hey, its leveling, sometimes you have to equip some silly items just because you haven't been able to get your hand on anything else).

Several other people joined us for this run, but I can't remember all of them. I'm certain that we ran through at least two healers and two or more dps'ers. Suffice to say, several people were able to experience Donald is his natural habitat. And now...the story;

We signed up and got into ZF. I immediately charged into the first group on the left and cleared it on my own before the rest of the group ported in. I then charged into the second group on the right, and noticed immediately that Donald charged in behind me and immediately pulled one mob off me. He did this for the next group as well and didn't show any sign that he was going to change stance or change spec. I stopped and calmly wrote "We don't need two tanks." He didn't answer, and proceeded to mount and charge into the next group to the right after the corridor.

Usually, when exposed to this kind of behavior, I would stop and throw out some obscenities and proceed to get a votekick going, but hey, I was probably in a good mood this evening. I told the rest of the group that I would go dps, whatever, if he really wanted to tank that bad, I would sit back and chill in my arms spec. I think I, in hindsight, actually did know, or halfway expected, the chaos that ensued.

He was a complete disaster. He was slow and he lost aggro on every pull. By the time we arrived at the fountain, the other dps apart from me and my friend, I think it was a hunter, quit in disgust. Donald decided then to skip Anto'sul and Witch Doctor for some reason. By decided, I mean that he just rode past them without any mention or comment. We were talking on skype and thought that, ok, he's just going to do the obligatory event and the last boss for the reward. That was completely wrong, however, but we'll get back to that later.

The courtyard was a nightmare. For some reason, he ran in circles around the mobs we were frantically trying to kill before they killed us and didnt' care for clearing the entire courtyard prior to starting the event.

The first wipe of the instance was a classic one. He charged straight into the pack of mobs that spawn in when you release the cages. I guess the healer would've been able to handle it under normal circumstances, but he also pulled a group of normal mobs that he'd left alone. The healer left in disgust.

My friend and I released, ran into the instance again and rode back to the courtyard with Donald ahead of us. Suddenly, he died again. "Wth?" Apparently, he'd charged straight into the still ongoing event without a healer, at half health and without any support. We laughed our asses off, and started to discuss the phenomenon that is Donald while he released and rode back to us. We tried to get him to do it again, but he didn't, correctly I might add, believe my friend who assured him that he would get heals.

Suddenly we got a new healer and a dps. Donald probably got very excited byt his, he immediately mounted and ran straight into the group of mobs still fighting and pulled them with him up the stairs and out of LoS. The rest of us freaked, but couldn't get there in time before he died again. We almost wiped, but the dps'ers survived. The tank ran back and pulled the bosses at the bottom of the stair, luckily, my shaman friend managed to res the healer the second before we were back in combat. Donald managed to die again, but somehow we managed to kill the bosses and move on without losing anyone else. Gahz'rilla was next.

The very first pack in Gahz'rillas courtyard pinged between every single member of the group apart from the tank, as he was unable to reclaim aggro after the initial bodypull. Then the tank ran to the gong and summoned Gahz'rilla. "Great, finally he's running at a proper pace," I thought. The tank then charged straight into range of the pack to the right of the entrance. Completely oblivious to the boss he'd just summoned a second earlier, he proceeded to tank that group with his back to us while we were fighting for our lives against the boss. The poor healer had to deal with several casters attacking him for the entirety of the fight. The damage dealers managed to get Gahz down, and then clear the rest of the mobs. Donald didn't pause for even a heartbeat, and before we knew it he was already heading for the last boss. He managed to attack and die at the hands of the mobs guarding the path up to them while we were licking our wounds.

We eventually got to where he died and resurrected him. At this moment, me and my friend were close to dying of laughter. I was seriously in tears, something that haven't occurred to me while playing WoW before (5+ years at this point). The tank at this point probably figured that he was terrible and probably decided that he would do everything in his power in order to tank properly. By properly, he started to pull single mobs at a time. The healer finally lost his shit and started to dish out caps lock'ed insults towards the tank. I don't blame him, to be frank, running with Donalds as healer is probably the worst experience ever. The last boss was done without the tank, who was busy, again, tanking a single mob with his back to us. Just as everyone ported out and in in order to deliver quests and wrap it up, Donald asks us if we want to kill the last two bosses........
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