Reasons for New Class / Combos

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Reasons for New Class / Combos

Postby Kodykahn » Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:21 am

This was originally in the site suggesttion area when it was brought up, then I decided it would probably be better at home in the lore section since this is partually lore due to the explaining of several classes that some people seem confused about, it most likely doens't cover them all, but it covers enough to where blizzard doesn't look like their pulling things out of their rears :roll:

" Tauren paladins are called Daywalkers, or SunWalkers, not taking their power from the light itself, but taking it from the idea of the Sun that spreads it's own light over the world.

Trolls are related to night elves, you should remember this, Trolls have been shapeshifting for years, just look at ZG and ZA, it's not that outlandish of an idea that some Trolls learned to control said power and turned into druids.

Gnomes were given Priest for the Class / Race combo ratio to balance out, and also do the the gnomes racial for inreased intelegence I do beleive, makes a gnome not that bad to think of for a caster class, the preist was just to spread out more of the healing classes for combos.

I honestly don't remember hearing about Human shamans... but hunters yes, make sense, look at hunters today, they have "pets" and hunt, so whats the problem there?

Dwarves were originally earthen that had control over the land to an extent, how hard is it for some dwarves to revert back to their origins and perfect it to where they can control more then just the earth.

Also you must remember, this is during the time of a Cataclysm, everyone is looking for ways to survive the now explosive evil that has tried to destroy the land, that means people are reaching out to new ideas to try to fight for survival, so really, execept for the undead hunter, I can see most of the situations, the undead hunters are just... umm.. wasn't there a WoW-comic explaining WHY undead weren't hunters? XD though I would guess it would be funny for a roleplayer, Roleplaying their pet stealing their arm constantly or something ^^; "

Thus, this post is now at home in the Lore section~
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Postby supabillyla29 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:55 am

good wel it was to long for me to read but i think its good ( taking a fast forums check)

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Postby kozom1234 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:10 pm

supabillyla29 wrote:good wel it was to long for me to read but i think its good ( taking a fast forums check)

Either read the whole fucking comment or dont post about it -_-

trolls: trolls also have shapeshifters channeling animal aspects (Zul'aman)

Taurens: belief in the sun turns into light, i see it fitting.

Gnomes: like you said, maybe so found prayer when the world started to end?

Humans: No human shamans, but human hunters should have been in game from the start.

Dwarves: old roots, some found the ancient ways.

Night elves: same deal

Undead hunters: you're a hunter. you die. et viola

Adaption is mostly why this is happening, and i doubt more race/class combos will occur.
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Postby Kadin » Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:04 pm

I agree with most of the new class combos, but there still are a few that don't make sense...

Undead Hunters: First off, being Undead is an abomination of nature. It makes no sense that a natural animal would stay by your side like they do for hunters. The only way I see this happening is with plagued animals, or the animals in the Undead starting zone. (Plaguehounds, bat things...), but of course there is no way Blizzard would make a restriction such as this.

Troll Druids: So long as they go with shapeshifting like they do in ZA and ZG, it'll be fine. Otherwise... Trolls being accepted into the Cenarian Circle?...Yeah... >.>. (I know this has already been broken a bit with the rep system... but I don't see it going any farther with the basically inbred hatred of Elves and Trolls.)

Night Elf Mages: They've been here before... what happened? End result was first war of the Burning Legion and the Sundering. I know there is a great upheval in the world, but I cannot believe the Night Elves would accept the High Bourne back so easily. And besides this, where are they coming from? All the High Bourne had either been banished (Becoming High Elves, then Blood Elves.), or a few managed to remain in Dire Maul, except for the fact that they are for the most part insane.

But of course, Blizzard will ignore all our objections and pointing out lore mistakes with it, simply because of the fact that there are too many people who simply are here for the game. There simply are not enough people who care about the lore anymore, and therefore to make the most money Blizzard has to cater to the pure PvErs and PvPers.
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Re: Reasons for New Class / Combos

Postby Lero » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:41 am

this is a really great idea! I hope you have realized it. sorry, maybe I've missed something.
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