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Postby vergil77 » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:48 am

Noodles wrote:when cataclysm comes out (likely LONG after patch 3.3) Arthas (da Lich King) is likely to be open for slaughter as any other raid of the past

Lorewise, if we'll kill Arthas at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, he will be considered dead. You see, raiding Icecrown Citadel post WotLK is something like a flashback. Kozom is right, death knights will lose the main reason for their existance. Something like Maiev and Illidan.
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Postby Singularity » Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:50 am

I think Death Knights will continue on to Kil'jaedan, (he created the lich king and because of that maybe the Death Knights want to kill Kil'jaedan too because they might feel that he is responsible for the Lich king's actions) And after that will they keep going higher killing the burning legion along the way until they get to Sargeras.
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Postby Mysteria » Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:21 am

Nah..Death knights will go against terrorists or something : /
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Postby Clone-D » Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:00 pm

I've ended up redoing my lore again, having leveled a horde death knight to 80, only to delete him 5 days before the faction change option to make an alliance (Thanks Blizz), and taking into account the new expansion being released.

I haven't put a lot of thought into it, but I'm thinking of something along these lines

Warlock- Deces
Gender: Male
Description: Short (about 5 ft. 7 in., muscular built, with long black hair, and green eyes.
General back round- Born into poverty in Dalaran. Father and mother murdered in front of him. His brother, a highly skilled rogue at the young age of 16, fallowed a lead to Gilneas in order to find and kill his parent murderer, leaving his brother (14) with a family friend, hoping to return within the week. He never came back.

Deces began falling into a crazed, paranoid state after his parents death and the loss of his brother. He started to fear death, and started performing demonic rituals in order to discover the secret to immortality. After 6 years of rigorous study, and thousands of innocent victims killed for experimentation, he finally found the answer.

He spent years trying to obtain immortality, once he finally found it, he had nothing left in life to do. Nothing to fear. As he started to wonder what he would do with himself, he started thinking about the people he killed to reach his goal.

In the end, he decided to make emends for his deeds. He hold immense power within him, and now uses the demonic energies created to destroy life, to preserve it.

( in short poor kid goes psycho, only to turn good )

Name: currently unknown
Age: 25
Description: Well educated, possibly one of the best rogues seen alive. Short black hair, green eyes, about 6 feet tall.

Back round- Deces's brother. After his parents death, he found a way to sneak past the Gilneas walls. Only to be infected by the curse. Rather then run back to his brother and bring the curse with him, he chose to stay in Gilneas and learn to control the Worgen. Now, 6 years later, he has full control ofver his curse.
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Postby wnxcow » Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:18 am

copied ur style of lore a bit clone-D, srry fer that..

also: hope u like the stories ^^

Warrior - Wnxcow
race: Human
age: 19
Proffesions: mining / blacksmithing
description: As a young boy, he always was busy with collecting small rocks and glimmering pieces of gems... often, he had to scare away some critters who were bugging him, until, one day, a wolf made it's nest right next to his favourite rock. he engaged the poor creature, who was already wounded from fighting his pack leader, and he managed to kill it.

with discovering this rush of killing creatures in close combat, he decided to, by the age of 12, travel around the world and kill many creatures who formed a threat to nearby villages. he stole some equipment from the chest in the basement, where his dad kept all his former gear, and he ran away from home...

because he was fammilliar with the rocks and shiney stones, aka gems, he often collected when he was young, he learned how to forge it into some weapons and armor... slowly progressing his skills in mining and smithing his beloved ores and gems, he became one of the best blacksmiths at his age. he changes his hair many times sicne the war started, as people strated to recognize him everywhere.. until.. the day no-one seemed to care about anything else then their own... nowadays he walks around in his big shiney armor, with his helm off. showing his long blonde hair which he carefully put a kind of pony tail in. often being connected to something he doesn't know about, but others seem to know(perhaps he msised it on his journeys?). the locals reffer to him as, another "Goku wannabe", leaving him wondering what that "Goku" thing only could be.

these days he's busy grinding him fame and fortune with many factions, being hired for some simple chores and killing some weak creatures... who knows what his future will bring to him...

Mage - Cowfatale(yes it's a rip off off Femme fatale)
Race: human
Age: 16
Professions: tailoring and enchanting
Description: when she was just one year old, and she had a cold, everytime she sneezed, it released a powerful arcane force, blowing away many items. this force wasn't devastating, but it could knock you back a few feet if u weren't prepared. growing older, she managed to control these arcane explosions, and she started to dedicate her life to exploring other forces she might have. not much later, she used fireballs to start small fires for the village to cook on. her parents sent her away for study, and secretly, also for trying to save the village, because more then once, she had already started a major fire in the inn...

after studying for a few years, she was enraged over the prices of new cloths... so she started to make her own. she became close friends with a warrior named WNxCow, who soon started sending her all his spare cloth drops. by that time, she also had found out that she could get rid of her old cloths... and use the remains to empower her new ones... studying this system of disenchantnig and enchanting helped her a lot. and not only herself, but also her best companion, wnxcow. after a while, she realised she was at the cap of her capabilities, and decided to train her magic skills once more... just so she could disenchant and enchant more stuff, as the newer stuff she got wouldnt simply be destroyed anymore...

these days she is quite a lady, and only at the age of 16, she still is not to be underestimated. also, her best friend wnxcow, still sends her items he found or created, purely for her to disenchant and become even more powerfull... though rumor has it that she has a major crush on him, she keeps denying it. but we all know the truth, don't we ;)

as for now, she curently is traing within shattrath's scryer's library, just to become more experienced with the arcane magic of the blood elves...


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Postby supabillyla29 » Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:53 am

a hunter sifern fought through the frost reins of dunmorogh the greenes of loch modan and the fireness of uhmm wtf is that place called end

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Postby Axepig » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:13 pm

supabillyla29 wrote:a hunter sifern fought through the frost reins of dunmorogh the greenes of loch modan and the fireness of uhmm wtf is that place called end

badlands! most weird place... rly near dwarves.. no alliance base.. and so rly weird.. its just stupid wilderness but.. without rly wilderness.. idk how to explain so weird.. but horde cant rly get there since they gotta pass thru the dwarven kingdom of loch modan and wetlands.. and the pass is full of dwarves higher than badlands lvl..
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Postby Chatrata » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:31 am

Badlands is actually really cool, as Alliance or Horde.

It's not that hard to get to as horde, or at least it isn't if you're not on a pvp server and have a mount (like any self-respecting level 40 should!)
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Postby supabillyla29 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:08 am

Axepig wrote:
supabillyla29 wrote:a hunter sifern fought through the frost reins of dunmorogh the greenes of loch modan and the fireness of uhmm wtf is that place called end

badlands! most weird place... rly near dwarves.. no alliance base.. and so rly weird.. its just stupid wilderness but.. without rly wilderness.. idk how to explain so weird.. but horde cant rly get there since they gotta pass thru the dwarven kingdom of loch modan and wetlands.. and the pass is full of dwarves higher than badlands lvl..

how much times did you say rly?

oh and btw thats the wierd place i once went and left 2 seconds afte ronly to get to searing gorge?

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Postby 501warhead » Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:46 pm

one day in a pasture far far away, there was a...
CUT CUT!, hasent this already been done before?
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Postby snakefang10 » Sun May 09, 2010 5:54 pm

Orphaned at birth, Snakefangg was training in the arcane arts in Goldshire.

He was trained under the teachings of Jank Metalbolt, a strict Gnome. once, he was caught reading a forbidden Dark book and disciplined. Leaving several scars, one of most commonly seen is on his hand

Around his 20s he began taking a likeing to the Dark Arts.He began his training in secret. Little after he finished his novice training and was released into the world, a sterotypical city guard threw him in the stockades. He stayed there for several years until the defias riots broke out. He was then forced to come out because he was sentenced to temporary imprisonment, not death. Little after his training in Elwynn Forest, the Secrets of Ulduar started to be uncovered.

Little is known about what happened in between those events...

He was slain in battle with the Horde.

But that might not've been the end...

His grave empty, and several reporting of a long haired warlock with an obvious scar on his hand suggest he may've been raised as a Forsaken fighting for...the Horde.
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Postby Bobson » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:35 am

Name - Regg
Age - 22
Class - Warrior
Race - Orc
Proffessions - blacksmith and alchemist.

Regg is a proud warrior. He has been training for this ever since he could hold an axe, which is his preferred weapon. He has been raised with the words "Honor above all!", and he lives by them every minute of every day. His childhood was relatively problem free. Born around the end of the second war, growing up in the Frostwolf Clan in the Eastern Kingdoms, playing and fighting with the other young orcs.
This idyllic living was interrupted when the orcs decided to move to Kalimdor. Of course Regg followed. Being merely a child, he knew nothing better. Travelling with the Horde, he witnessed the befriending of the Tauren, and the building of various settlements in Stonetalon Mountains. He was not allowed to go with the army into the Prophets cave, but his father told him everything when he re-emerged from there (as one of the only warriors left).
During the Battle of Mount Hyjal, Regg's father got mortally wounded. His last words to his son were "Live with honor, die with honor." Regg mourned not his fathers passing, but instead trained even harder at the arts of the warrior, and hoping to meet him in the afterlife, dead in great honor, as his father.
This dream was eventually destroyed, when the mighty gods decided it impossible to be permanently dead. When Regg became of age, and started his life's true adventure, he began as every other orcish initiate in the valley of trials. He did his best to do what people asked him to, fighting hard every day, trying his best to uphold honor.
But as he died in battle for the first time, he noticed that his spirit would not leave this world. It longed to get back to the body, and continue once more. He reluctantly did as it wanted.
Regg battled across three different continents, becoming ever stronger, ever wiser, and ever more annoyed. He fought on many a battlefield, defeated many a king, conquered many a land, dying many times in the process.
He even gave up his berserker ways, to become a protector of the less armored of the classes.
He completely screwed up in Outland, dishonoring both him and his kin. He made up for that in Northrend, where he entered the dreaded citadel of Naxxramas, eventually defeating Kel'thuzad. He stood the challenge of the Argent Champion in Icecrown, bringing further honor to his name. He ventured into the Icecrown Citadel, and played a great part in clearing the way to the Lich King, where better equipped people would end the business. Yet, death after death, he would not die completely. Not in battle, not in water, not in fire.
Now, thousands of deaths later, Regg continues to move forward, hoping to one day meet his honorable final death in glorious battle. The return of Deathwing has re-ignited his will to die, and he welcomes this opportunity, as he has welcomed many others.
With a little luck, some day a bigger force may allow him to reach the end, and finally meet his father in the afterlife honorably.
But it doesn't seem very likely.
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Postby Ghost467 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:18 pm

My Orcs name is Rehgar.

He got pissed at Blizzard because he wanted to side with Deathwing.

He was never seen again.

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Re: Whats your LORE

Postby MiniwolfDK » Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:42 am

Name: Fiirewolf
Faction: Alliance
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Not gonna bother with the niggley details, they're too confusing.
Lore: When she was born, Fiirewolf's eyes flashed amber once but no one saw. Her parents, unfortunately, both died soon after, I dunno how... As you lore ner.. erm.. experts will know, that means they are destined for great stuff, like Illidan. I know, they are meant to have permanent amber eyes, it just didn't work like that for her. She took an interest in magic and started training to be a mage at 10. This is in Night elf years btw. She was and expert fire mage by the time she was 16 and she had a short temper. Because of her temper and her expertise in fire, she got her name, 'Firewolf'. However, an orc already had that name, so she had to change it to 'Fiirewolf'. However, in one night of foolishness, she lost her temper and burnt down one of Elune's trees. She had to watch as her fellow night elves fell of its burning branches and plunged to their death or got caught by the flames first. She was therefore banished from the night elves, seemingly for good. She sought refuge in the emerald dream, knowing that there all was peaceful, and, more importantly she could forget the firey art of magecraft and take up a more gentle class. So she took up the art of druidism. She got very learned in the art of the druid and was even one of Malfurion's arch druids... but something heavy hit her on the head and she forgot everything. Soon, the emerald nightmare attacked, and she was one of the very few night elves who managed to escape its grasp. She soon heard of a war between the Alliance and Horde, and went to help her fellow night elves. However, they didn't recognise her, she was surprised to learn. Then she found out how long it had been since she'd burnt down the tree. It had been hundreds of years, and people just thought she was just a normal night elf with a strange name. For all they knew, 'Fiirewolf' had been killed by wild nightsabers. So they brought her up as an ordinary noob player, though she showed great skill. Eventually, she journeyed to strange Outland, then harsh Northrend. She went through Mount Hyjal, nearly saving it from utter destruction though she didn't complete the questline, through Uldum, the land of mysteries and into Twilight highlands where she dinged 85. Along the way she befriended the mysterious Netherwing, and she met Oghan'aka who has now taken her name and is Fiirewolf'aka. She befriended a vicious black drake and a kind red drake, and eventually, after a long struggle, and weeks of Netherwing dailies grinding, she befriended a rarely coloured albino drake.
Don't start on accuracy... I wrote it how I wanted, and I'm not changing it. Thats why I gave no specific times etc.

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Re: Whats your LORE

Postby Irulon Doomfist » Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:21 am

I'm gonna link the site, because with how long it is, trust me, I'm saving this board a lot of scrolling. :lol:


Here's a summary, however:

"Lord Irulon Doomfist (pronounced either Ih-ruh-lon or Ih-roo-lon) is a human male born in Deathknell. He grew up to become a prideful, but honest figure who worked toward the purging of the Undead and the victory of a challenging battle. He was noted to be arrogant and selfish at times, but could be good-hearted as well. He had a bit of a strange, yet funny personality which can make others laugh either intentionally or not. For the most part, however, Irulon was a respected individual who drives for the freedom of all. Truthfully, Irulon cared deeply for his companions.

He had quite a harsh life, but had worked his way up the Argent Dawn ladder and was eventually the head guard of a well known High Dawn Lord, Lord Aldarion. While not as attached to his title as Lord Aldarion, still he had much pride in it. Irulon once almost died was when he was accidently cleaved in the spine by one his orc friends, Morg'throk, but was healed by Lord Aldarion, who had found him imprisoned in Ashenvale.

Irulon had been part of an Argent Dawn army within Stromgarde, but the Forsaken had amassed an army large enough to ambush them and all within, forcing them to flee the area. Soon after, many of the lieutenants and Lord Aldarion had suddenly gone missing. Irulon, realizing that the Argent Dawn squadron had figuratively imploded, searched for refuge within the Hillsbrad Foothills and after a brutal assault from undead bears, Irulon succeeded in finding an encampment in the Western Plaguelands, which consisted of Argent Dawn members. Eventually, he was brought into the fold of the Argent Crusade and they struck a mortal blow to the Scourge. With the death of the Lich King and the arrival of Deathwing, Irulon then joined the Alliance. He had also rid himself of his "signature" faceplate. His destiny eventually unfolds as he deals with an aging body, the rekindling of his relationship with his son, his world being destroyed, and a long-lost brother hiding in the shadows.

Irulon Doomfist stands a bit short compared to his fellow soldiers, but his heart is still very strong. His faded, light brown hair once showed a colorful bloom of life, but age has taken a toll, both physically and mentally. He has a jagged scar on his chin which he once concealed in his younger days, until he learned to take pride in his scars. He is strong, but well-built for a human, and can hunt down enemies in order to bring swift justice, even though he is past his prime. "
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