Store shirt idea: Clones from comic 340

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Store shirt idea: Clones from comic 340

Postby Dandabear » Sat May 26, 2012 12:15 pm

Hello, everyone! I'm new to these forums simply because I had a fun idea that I wanted to put out there, so here I am pitching it.

I really love the clones, they are super childlike which makes them extra funny. I particularly loved the first 2-4 panels in comic #340, and I thought those might go well on a DLC shirt. From what I've seen, it is clear that none of the shirts have full panels cut/pasted from the comics, so maybe this idea would need to be worked with a little bit. Regardless, the clone's line about "*GASP* We trusted you sand!" I think is a must. Perhaps the first two panels would make a good front of shirt, and the 3rd and 4th a good back? Like I said, idea in progress.

Obviously if no one else likes this idea, there is no need to go for it. I just thought I would drop by and share, because this is something I would buy if it was available in the store.
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