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Madness of Deathwing Comic Idea

Postby Aerniskliwbi » Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:16 pm

I don't know how familiar you guys are with the Madness of Deathwing encounter from a tanking perspective, but here's the main problem; in phase 2, these adds called Elementium Terrors spawn that apply a rapidly stacking debuff that ticks for high damage called Tetanus, and it is not removable. These adds are supposed to be burned down, but a lot of the time I do this fight, people just DPS the boss and let me die from Tetanus. Anyway, here's my comic idea; it features a nameless tank (or one of the ones from the really old comics, your choice). Just put him in a well-known warrior tanking set and give him a shield, whatever is easiest to draw (as long as it's not Donald).

Panel one:
Shows Krom and as many raid members you feel appropriate.
Krom is healing, and says, "Phase 2, pick up the terrors and burn the boss."

Panel two:
Tank is tanking an elementium terror, raid DPSing the boss.

Panel three:
Mouse over the Tetanus debuff, there are 2 stacks. The tooltip reads, "Inflicts 120,000 physical damage and an additional 40,000 damage every second."

Panel four:
Shows the tank tanking an elementium terror (possibly looking exhausted, damaged -- whatever that looks like). He says, "Guys, can we DPS these guys before I die to Tetanus?"

Panel five:
Mouse over of the tetanus debuff, it has 3048 stacks. The tooltip reads, "OH SHIT" or "YOU'RE FUCKED", whichever you prefer.

Panel six:
Tank is dead on the ground, saying "Guys?" Still no help.

Panel seven:
Deathwing is dead. Krom is next to the chest, looting it. Gigz is rezing the tank, while the tank asks, "Did it drop anything for me?"

Panel eight:
Krom is still looting. The tank is rez'ed.
Krom: "Looks like there's this envelope addressed to you..."
Tank: "Oh boy!"

Panel nine:
The tank opens the envelope; inside is a map of Stormwind with a red X marked somewhere.
Tank: "Looks like it's a treasure map; I better follow it."

Final panel
Shows the tank with a large, empty sack in one hand a treasure map in the other. He is next to Max Blackhammer, who is ecstatic, counting an unwieldy amount of gold on the table. The tank has the saddest possible face you can draw, possibly with puppy dog eyes.

It's a bit long, but I think the build-up is terrific and the end reflects a very common feeling among tanks and will resonate with them. The last panel to the comic is beautiful in my head. I think it's a pretty good idea, and requires fairly minimal drawing for its size, mostly because many of the panels are quite similar. Tell me what you think, and if you decide to draw it, make whatever adjustments are necessary to make it work.
Thanks for listening to my idea!
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