A sociological study on WoW

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Postby Bunnytots » Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:58 am

17, Male

Q1: 1,2,3,6
Q2: I am open about me playing, a majority of the people I know play.
Q3: None are bad, but it would be better to have what you consider massive or little amount of playtime.
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Re: A sociological study on WoW

Postby Renkonel » Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:39 am

KarlMarxman wrote:Hey, I've been doing this study/survey on WoW players, trying to figure out if there is a corellation between types of players and being open about playing the game. Right now I'm just gathering data, and I'd really enjoy it if anyone would answer this survey.
Thanks for answering!

For reasons of objectivity and equality, I'll ask you to put your age and gender, so I can then try to drop some replies in case there are too many from that gender & age group. Thank you for your co-operation.


Category 1:
Players who enjoy griefing others, causing all sorts of annoyances to others, ganking, kill stealing, node stealing, ninja'ing, and any other mischief they can come up with.

Category 2:
Players who enjoy helping others, wether they are on their side or the opposing one.

Category 3:
Players who play the game in large ammounts, in some cases, putting the game in front of "real life", such as going to work/school, or spending time with friends or significant others. Often the most advanced players in the game. Called hardcore players.

Category 4:
The average player, who plays regularly, but in reasonable ammounts, at a slower pace than the hardcore players, but still faster than the casual players. Tend to enjoy the content of the game the most, having the time to do so because of their leisurly playing pace.

Category 5:
Players who play the game rarely and slowly, and putting anything in "real life" before the game. Play slower than the average gamer. Called casual players.

Category 6:
Players who enjoy playing the game with others and interacting with other palyers in a positive manner.

Category 7:
Players who enjoy playing the game alone, often trying to stay away from other players and ignoring the attempts of other players to socialize with them.

Question 1
Which player category, or categories, are you?

Question 2
How open about you hobby are you?

Question 3
Do you percieve these categories as flawed or lacking? If so, explain which category/categories you think are wrong, or are lacking detail, or give a category/categories that you think are lacking. Well constructed criticism will be taken into account.

Thanks again!

19 male

Q1: 2,4,5,7
Q2: very open, no shame in playing a good game right?
Q3:i think they are fine

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Postby Shadostriker » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:04 am

14, Male.
Question 1: Categories~~

√ Category 2: I tend to help other players a lot, whether they are Horde (like me) or Alliance. This can cause a lot of trouble on a PvP server. I used to avoid attacking other players to the point of stupidity, not fighting back and such, but now I have learned that they don't question free honor so I defend myself.

√ Category 5: I only tend to play between Fridays and Sundays, school is a little busy.

√ Category 6: The game is no fun when you aren't in a group or talking with guildmates. You will almost never find me without someone in my group. This may or may not be due to the fact that my brother plays with me. 8)

Question 2: I tend to be open about it, since I distance myself in general from people who would think otherwise of me because I play WoW.

Question 3: Foremost, I must say that this is a great idea for a thread. :D Also, no complaints about the categories or questions.
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Postby Redneckizm » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:19 pm



Depends on how the day went. Some days you just want to relentlessly pummel some poor lowbie, other days I want to mix a stiff drink & go "Pimp Slap" a big ugly dragon while he bashes my face in...

Question 1:
Depending on the mood/day 1,3,4 or 6. i "grew up" on a PvP Server, still won't skip an oppurtunity to steal a node. Hakkar was ruthless and most players lived on the KOS theory, even if you know you would lose, you would still attempt...

Question 2
I don't run around screaming it, Adults tend to be a lil more reserved, most people know I play and have a WoW Social Circle of friends, even though we play diff factions or on diff servers.

Question 3
Nope, they cover nearly all categories
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Postby xxghost72 » Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:50 pm

question 1:
categories 3 and 6

hardcore raider who like to do things in a group :)

question 2:

I'm very open about it, if anyone ever tries to harass me over it i generally can dig up enough on them to make them stop.

question 3:

don't see anything wrong with it

16, male

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Postby Trania » Mon May 25, 2009 2:11 am

Still need that survey? :)

Female, 22

Question 1
Which player category, or categories, are you?
I'm number 2, 4 & 6. Number 2 only when I'm in the mood though.

Question 2
How open about you hobby are you?
Quite open. Most of my friends play and my boyfriend plays aswell, so no worries there. On my work, my direct colleagues know I play. Even worse, when I told them, most asked "which class?" or "which level are you?". Nope, not the only nerd at work!
I don't tell my boss though, for the obvious reasons of getting tagged as a "gamer" who spends entire nights at the cost of concentrating at work. I had an experience once with a person who accused me of playing all night when I was tired at work. I had actually read a book untill 3 a.m., but try to tell that to you colleague who's got a prejudice against "gamers". So colleagues, yes. Boss, no.

Question 3
Do you percieve these categories as flawed or lacking? If so, explain which category/categories you think are wrong, or are lacking detail, or give a category/categories that you think are lacking. Well constructed criticism will be taken into account.
Nope. Quite good description you have there. Though I might miss the types who play solely to "be important", but those usually coincide with the hardcore raiding-category.

Thanks again!
No problem!
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