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Funny moments

Postby SimLoup » Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:56 pm

the world of azeroth is huge and a lot of stuff can happen some can turn to be quite funny so why not share your funny moments?

1. i was on my mage i just arrived at dalaran and decided to explore it to know the place better i got in the sewer to the tunnel that exit dalaran i was going to jump when a undead rogue approches me. So i wonder if i could buff a horde in a sanctuary city i give him slow fall only to see it buff me so i jump 2 sec later i look behind me and see the rogue fall to his death.

2 i had the quest to kill the shade of arugal with a pally and a druid we got to the top of the tower and see a horde lv 80 and a blood elf warlock fighting it we decided to let them kill it and wait. When suddenly a lot worgens came form the stairs attcking the 80 and the lock i tried to help them but they died we finish the rest of the worgens and i some how aggro arugal he had 10% hp left we kill him laugh and go complete our quest.

raid wide naked glitch -my long lost twin brother-bug in stv -wierd- GONNA EAT ME-dont shoot me please-but i dont have a tabard-the G of the dead-almost same gear-Blizzard Contruction Co.
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Postby Darthruneis » Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:34 am

I always found it pretty funny (yet frustrating) when the fresh 80 in greens, 2 blues, and 4 empty slots pmed me about going to ICC25 saying he'd top the tank charts. Yes, tank charts.

The idiots in t9 ungemmed/chanted were a bit less of a pain, but still.
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