Dick moments.

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Postby Tachy » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:47 am

Well it's a dick move to the lock, prolly, but I think that's justifiable for you guys...that's just stupid. That's why I always wait if I think I want it..just in case. :)
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Postby Bliu » Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:06 pm

Back in the day before Lich King, I was running a few friends through sm cathedral. I was a lvl 70 Paladin and would pull everything, then concecrate and heal until everything died. One of my friends had made a bad move and healed while I was pulling, so all the aggro'd mobs instaly directed thier attention to him. After he was mutilated they all came back to me. That is when the other person wrote in chat "HAHAHA you got your butt kicked." I then typed "as will you", then I bubbled. All the threat went to the third guy and he was destroyed in seconds.

Hilarious but a dick move.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby YaminoDawnfire » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:55 am

First off, SORRY FOR NECROING D: /hides from impending doom >_<
But new to the forums here and have a funny dick moment o.O
Back when my resto shammy was still in Northrend, I had a pretty awesome group in Halls of Stone, except for a rogue in the group. His dps was fine and all...when he was there, he was constantly going afk, and coming back mid boss fights. So, we've just started the one fight with the lazer fire of doom in it, and he says in party brb, again. And...he put me on follow. So...I had fun, and kited him through the lazer of doom while I healed myself, and everyone but him. We finished the encounter of course, but the rogue was dead...on the floor. We then promptyl vote kicked him, and I said in party chat: "And that is why you don't go afk in a dungeon, or put your healer on follow =D"

>.> And yes I still live by the "you put me on follow and you will regret it" rule <.<


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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Ruto777 » Sun Aug 21, 2011 3:24 am

I love it when I run into Horde that are not flagged for PvP. I'm on a PvP server, so that only happens rarely. I aggro some mobs, and Shadowmeld next to them.

8 same level mobs on Hordie = death :D
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Usagi-Zakura » Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:21 am

I usually try not to be a dick (doesn't stop people from getting horribly offended by me a lot of times for various idiotic reasons.) but back in the day when I got my first flying mount I decided to sit on top of the PVP-objectives in Hellfire Pennisula, annoying the heck out of pre-60 alliance characters who tried to cap them. I didn't even need to do it. I just sat there. Even when the Horde owned them. Until some guy (probably Alliance on an alt, considering he logged of soon after) whispered me and told me to buzz of. Even if a high level alliance came by on a flying mount I would be off in a second anyway. I'm terrible at PvP and thus avoid it whenever possible. Part of it came from the fact that I was sick and tired of getting murdered by Death Knights, that always seems to happen whenever I got PvP-tagged on a PvE-server.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Ashekor » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:15 pm

back in wrath my boyfriend used to put up portals to theramore in av and say "click for a table!"
half of the alliance team would click and be stuck in theramore xD
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Oxycodon » Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:13 am

Generally, I try to behave myself since I'm sick of people ninjaing, trolling and behaving like assholes towards other players. Generally. Today, for instance, I discovered the wonder that is Leap of Faith. What a great talent, moving people in the party/raid against their wish. I've been sitting in front of my computer, screaming, tearing my hair off, when people from the same faction as me do stupid/irritating shit, mining ores I'm fighting mobs for, attacking my targets when I'm questing etc etc. I've always wished for a way to affect "comrades" in menacing ways. At last, my wish has been fulfilled. Leap of Faith. For instance, this morning, first boss in Blackrock caverns of whatever the lvl 85 heroic is called. He summons chains in the middle of the fight and starts casting a cleave thang. I decided that the hunter was irritating, so I LoF'ed him into close proximity to the boss. Sadly, I died myself, but it was great fun. "noob hunter", "wth, why did you do that backward leap to the boss, you ass". Ah, it was so great. I was almost crying, laughing so hard that my two dogs came over and stared at me. Rest of the party believed my version instead of his, and he bolted. Next boss, that caster woman, standing in front of beams etc etc. Someone in the party said something like "you know what to do, priest? done this before, priest?" and started giving me an in-depth analysis of the tactics after I had told them that I had done this loads of times. Hence, LoF'ed him away from his beam when he was probably 30-40 stacks in. Add changed, healer on the other side fucked up his beam as well so both died --> wipe. Ah, how angry the melee dps/tank were with the healer/ranged who didnt know what they were doing. My mob was the only one who didn't change. The party split. I haven't really played that much with my priest yet (too many lvl 85's), but when I get home today I think I shall experiment more with it. LoF'ing people into shit, fire, in front of bosses before cleaves, LoF'ing flag carriers into a bunch of enemies. Ah, the possibilities seem endless. Suddenly, WoW seems like a fun game again.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Mr.Truthsayer » Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:09 pm

in TBC i would always log on my lvl 70 horde hunter or alliance hunter and go to a starting place. Northshire for Alliance, and Valley of Honor (think thats right) and tame a pet from that starting place, then flag my toon. in turn my pet was flagged. I would use eyes of the beast at a place where i can hide, then walk my pet over to where i tamed that pet from. Then some people leveling there would see it, think its a regular lvl 2 wolf/boar/scorpid, attack it, then they would be flagged. i would then hunt them down and kill them for as long as i could until they logged. it was so fun. i loved every moment of it. and since my wolf i tamed at northshire was lvl 2, or boar/scorpid i tamed at the starter places remained that lvl it added even more camo to my pet to make it seem more of a regular quest mob.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Noobydruid » Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:42 am

That reminds me of when I was still leveling my DK in LK. I used to love going to the Blood elf starter location. One time I was there, probably about level 78. I was flagged from running through the guards. Back then I had unholy spec, so I had my zombie with me. A low-level approached me, and somehow, attacked my pet. He was killed instantly cause the pet had "defensive" on. Then because he was flagged, my friend and I had fun, messing with him, chasing him around, killing him a few hundred times :D He eventually logged off to avoid getting spawn-killed again. Ah, noobs :)
This actually happened more than once with low levels suddenly attacking me while I was flagged. They all learned their lessons.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby MassEffect » Sat May 12, 2012 5:40 am

As a DK my 'dick moments' were clearly from Wrath era- in both AzulNerub and ToC i always tried to Path of Murder people during the falling phases into water.
As a Hunter, when it's appropriatly hilarious, i sometimes MD to my warrior DPS buddy so he gets blamed for pulling aggro.
As a Mage.... the Theramore or Shatt port in Wrath days.
And finally you can blame Blizzard for giving Priests "Life Grip". Wether in LFR on Hagara murdering with icewaves, or during Troll randoms, when a boss or large add is pursuing someone.... it's just too tempting.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Swiffles » Fri May 18, 2012 5:19 am

My dick moments, apart from getting extremely aggressive towards hopelessly bad players when I've lost patience have all involved Life grip. (Leap of faith).

Here are some that I have done for all you to enjoy and try out yourself :D

Mages/rogues/warriors who blink/sprint/heroic leap at the beginning of a battleground to get a head-start? Life grip them back.
Fools haven't left your raid group and are attempting to hearthstone (usually TB) - Life grip them at 9 seconds.
Someone in your party lost a duel? Punish them by life gripping them into the small torches in durotar, killing them.

And just generally in battlegrounds life gripping your teammates at the end of their cast, as well as gripping hunters after disengage, warriors after charge and death knights away from the target they have just death gripped, it's always funny, it needs a shorter cooldown!
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Joefesok » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:36 pm

So, I spent a couple months farming a certain very elusive proto-drake. Hint hint, he drops off a certain mob.

Anyway, I finally see the mob, and just as I'm about to tag it, this guy comes and kills it. This is rage-worthy, but not a dick-moment, aye?

the guy rode in on the certain drake I was camping.

I remember yelling at him, and he did it just to be a total asshole. He didn't even try to lie, he directly said he was just being a jerk. Skip foward several tickets and a week, I've been stalking him for some time tagging every mob in the area then feigning to drop aggro on him. It's fun.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Yatta » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:46 pm

My biggest dick moment was probably during BC on my rogue. Between sap, cheap shot, kidney shot, cripple poison, and blind, I probably had some horde stunlocked for over 5 minutes without killing him.

Sap, sap, sap, cheap shot, shiv cripple, run away, stealth, sap, sap, sap, cheap shot, wait, kidney shot, shiv cripple, run away, stealth. etc etc. Blind for good measure every once in a while.
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby alteracmountains » Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:28 am

during a AV a priest used his stupid ability which pulls you to him while i was on my hunter and when we got to the dwarf boss i Md to the priest, also did it to a tauren warrior who was acting big in chat
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Re: Dick moments.

Postby Teamer » Sun Aug 12, 2012 7:15 am

Whenever I'm on my Holy Pally doing instances, when someone is doing stupid things, I usually point them to the fact that it's not a good idea.
If they persist well... I'll just say:
'Alright, no heals for you then.'
Usually makes them stop extremely quickly :D
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