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Re: End-End-Game Wow

Postby Gombol » Sun May 15, 2011 6:42 am

Raptorbane wrote:"Witch is a raid on itself" lol oh man I haven't seen anyone make that error since Kindergarten.


Gombol wrote:Honestly. WoW End-Game has been going downhill for AGES now. Vanilla = Best, sure, was hard to get a full raid, but it was more fun.

Did you even play in Vanilla? That wasn't fun, that was a horrible horrible nightmare. Raids were HUGE so there was nothing even remotely fun about them. I recall running MC for the first six times and I don't remember four people from any of them, because there was no personality to it. It was just push your forward key and auto-attack afk. There is nothing fun about throwing yourself repeatedly at a monster until it dies, and there never will be anything fun about that.

Gombol wrote:TBC = Smaller raids, easier, but still a slight challange

BC stepped it up by actually making you have to pay attention and -do shit- so that you felt a little more important, and by shrinking down raid size to 25 it was made a bit more personal. I still remember the names of all 22 regular raid members I raided with during BC.

Gombol wrote: WOTLK = Blizzard held your hand while nerfing everything and giving away free epics.

WotLK was shit, no arguments there.

Gombol wrote:Cata = Harder then WOTLK, but still rather easy when compared to Vanilla / TBC.

Cata raiding is probably some of the most fun raiding I've ever had. The heroics are fun, the raids are fun. Fun fun fun, I think you're just a cynical jerk who can't enjoy change, as evidenced by your strong love of a giant steaming pile of horse shit.

Gombol wrote:And it's only fun if you can find a GOOD guild with people who Know. How. To. Play. Witch is a Raid on itself. Applied to one before, insulted my job. Insulted that I lived at home (When it's about £500 cheaper then living alone. In a flat.) and down right insulted everything about me. That's a bad guild, bad attitude = bad raiders. True story.


And I couldn't give a damn what they said, it's an example. Learn what Examples are, please.

I'm sorry but all I see when I read this is "boo hoo some people on the internet insulted me and ruined a game for me forever, I will never get over this boo hoo".
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Re: End-End-Game Wow

Postby Raptorbane » Sun May 15, 2011 6:51 am

Did you say anything in reply to that or just quote the whole thing for truth or something

Edit: oh I see you wrote it in the middle of the bottom section because apparently forums are hard

Also I know what an example is, and that wasn't a very good one as not everyone can relate to it. The best example is one people either learn from or relate to. Tbqh the only thing I learned from your example is that you live with your parents/guardians (which I have nothing against so don't waste your time by going there). Since you obviously didn't notice, I'll point it out to you: I made an example out of you.

"What to NOT do to appear smart on a forum."
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Re: End-End-Game Wow

Postby AntonWolf » Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:25 am

Raptorbane wrote:"What to NOT do to appear smart on a forum."

For some people that would require not speaking at all :D just saying
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