What type of weps/spec should a shaman use?

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Postby Omatar » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:21 pm

For leveling, just go pure enhance until you get some of those higher tiered talents. Make damn sure to get DW and anything related to that (DW spec, SS), asap. Unleashed rage is good, and with shamanistic rage, coupled with water shield later, you'll never have to drink again. Additionally, don't waste mana earth shocking just because the mob has the SS debuff, only earth shock when you have the debuff AND shamanistic focus.

Once you get some of the nicer upper tier enhance talents, spec into ele for some nice shock buffs, or resto for survivability/being able to heal. No joke, I've healed everything under ramps as enhance. Just know what the hell you're doing, and watch the mana.

Additionally, get slow weapons for windfury procs. The current idea behind that is that you have a flat 20% chance to proc WF, and it has a hidden 3 second cooldown, so any hits during the cooldown are wasted. Also, the slower weapons will generally have higher damage per swing, meaning bigger windfuries.

Phew, that was a long post for my first one on these forums. Hope I helped :D
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