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New Game Idea

Postby Judai » Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:39 am

First off, has this been posted anywhere else? pls redirect me

Post you ideas for games here, I wanna see how creative yous are :o

I don't know if this has been attempted, but wouldn't it be awesome if there was a like a Transformers MMORPG? And like you gear is car parts and stuff, Lol. Personally I think it would be the most epic game in the world

Postby kozom1234 » Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:07 am

I thought of the next WoW expansion.


IN this expac i was thinking that the basis of this would be that the maelstrom is growing and players have to venture into the southern regionsof azeroth to reach the maelstrom (It's blocking off higher harbors)

and the capital city would be the undermine, and you would travel from island to island per zone, and as you can see the last zones are underwater :D, so when you arrive you do a quest to be "attuned" to breath underwater there to quest.

i'm thinking the hero class for this would be a healer/dps and i think it should be something voodo related so i thought of a hex lord. A hex lord only has spells similar to death coil and holy shock
the three branches of this class would be jinxes(DPS), voodo(DPS and healing hybrid), and mojo(healing).

mojo would rely off AoE healing and single target healing as well, i'm thinking the 61 pointer should be twisted blessing, this is a single target buff where whatever damage you take is divided by two and sent to taht person, increases all healing towards them by 50%, and all damage they deal by 25%

jinxes would be based off of increasing damage dealt to enemies, DoTs like affliction, and AoEs. The 61 pointer for them would be painful mirage, this spell would deal AoE damage, and leave the targets with the debuff mental scars, dealing damage per second debuff and slowing movement effect.

voodo would be based off of single target heals and DPS, and AoE DPS with benefits to group. THere 61 pointer would be savage pulse, dealing AoE damage than once spell reaches it's full effect, it deals a large amount of burst damage and heals the group for 3000 each.

The talent build is here (values are off, they were just general ideas)
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