How to Overcome the Stress in the Exams

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How to Overcome the Stress in the Exams

Postby ericacohen » Fri Feb 02, 2018 10:11 pm

Students feel mind freeze during exams.Most college students get in the problem of anxious when they taking the exam. Exam stress is the experience of fear during an exam.Research has shown that students who face high levels of stress in exams. It can also decline their performance. So how can they cool their selves in exams? Essay Writing Assistance There are many ways to overcome anxiety, stress problems. Meditation or mindfulness is a great way to decline the stress from a higher level. It is an ancient way. Ray Dalio is the self-made billionaire He recommends meditation two times one morning and second evening. Headspace is an App for Meditation You can use this for 10 days without any penny. I have used this tool.
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