First post evar!! My humble idea for a DLC.

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First post evar!! My humble idea for a DLC.

Postby lockx » Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:57 am

I submitted this via email but I was curious what the DLC fans thought of my idea. (So I know if I should come up with more!)

I consider you one of the best WoW cartoonists and hope you can find a good use for this since I lack the ability to bring it to life in pictures.

Frame 1. In a somewhat formal setting we see a computer desk with keyboard facing away from the audience, couple of desktop computers tucked underneath, and monitor. A hushed audience watches patiently.

Frame 2. As a figure dressed in a tux slowly places a lit candelabra on the desk, Gigz in the audience peers through her theater binoculars.

Frame 3. The view through the binoculars is of the performer cracking his knuckles and a clear view of sheet music entitled "Patchwerk in WASD minor."

Frame 4. You see the performer sitting with the back of his audience, feverishly clicking away at the keyboard with little puffs of smoke and droplets of sweat flying in a left to right motion.

Frame 5. Repeat frame 4 but working from a right to left motion.

Frame 6. Gigz whispers to her date "Woah is he one of those crazy multiboxers?"

Frame 7. You see the performer with tiny little blood stained bandages on his fingers bowing to the audience as roses are thrown at him. Gigz's date whispers back "No that's just an Affliction lock on a comeback tour but he hasn't played since 3.0. Wait till he sees the meters."

Frame 8. The poor lock with his red sweaty brow gazes at the screen in shock to see his purple bar on the meter down in 8th or 9th well below several yellow and blue bars.


Frame 9. (optional)Gigz holds up a CD case with a picture of Narya on it holding a keyboard like a guitar titled "2 buttons 2WIN" telling her date "I love the classics as much as anyone but I think I'll stick to the more modern stuff.
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