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Postby rvbtucker » Tue Nov 14, 2006 4:40 pm

yssar wrote:
Zohar wrote:Way back when we were still trying to kill him we walked into the room and someone ran up to talk to him because they thought he had a quest. No quest, just death for all! For a long time after that our term for pulling a boss was "go get your quest."

That was Alc, he announced in raid for folks to go get their quest. Someone was dumb enough to do it.

Alc also has a knack for creating tells that look like they came from someone else. for folks that don't resize their chat window, he sends stuff like:

<From> Alcatraz: Hey (creative use of spaces) |<-endofwindow
<From> Someone Else: You suck!
I used to do that ALL THE TIME in raids, especially when my GL went out. He always went "Afk" even though we all knew he was banging his g/f at the freaking keyboard. So I would type for him, sometimes actualy giving commands, most of the time Fing with guildies.
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Postby gigzara » Tue Nov 21, 2006 2:17 pm

I'd say 99% of the toons' game personalities are accurate while their real life personalities aren't too far behind.

Some comics "have" happened and some are variants of what have happened. Ie. me tugging ony's head to hand in to start anohter raid was a variant of when krom and i snapped at eachother (nothing new) on teamspeak when i was tardy in handing in Zg charm on Yojambe Isle to start another raid.

Other comics portray some simply funny things that we talk about on teamspeak during non-raid hours like when we compared who had received the most valentine's hearts in game while some are purely keydar's own creativity.

Mijikai is a real life friend of keydar's and some of the things "obviously" portray what they're like outside of the game. You know, like the time Mijikai wouldnt' open the door for Keydar cuz he was WoW-ing, or when he opens a dicitonary when Rag spoke or when he didn't get any valentine's hearts when we compared know? :p

j/k Miji's HAWT in real life and he gets many many ballytine's
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Postby Chron » Wed Nov 22, 2006 4:43 pm

i think the mars series could have happened ;O

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