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Postby blaziken2708 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:23 am

I'm Luis (Pronounced like Lewis), I have been playing WoW since November 2008 (just before WotLK), and this game has been part of my life since then. I found out about this comic from a post in Wowhead. It's great :D, so many laughs at hands of the lil' clones and Keydar, a lil' weird at the beginning for me since I consider my self Horde, but still, I'm having a blast :D! only 50 strips to go :D! I think I like this comic so much because it was created based on the artist's guild and how the member enjoy the game and react to all kind of situations encountered in the game since Vanilla. Also, because I kinda always wanted to join a guild where you can socialize with the members in and out of Azeroth. Of course, that's a lil hard for me since I live in Peru, and there aren't that many WoW players here. Fortunately for me, I have been playing this game with my best friends since the beginning :D, joining guilds together, lvling, playing with alts, raiding, etc.! What I'm trying to say is, besides all the awesome quests, fights, boss encounters and lore, besides all the pop culture references, game rewards and cynematics, this game is just awesome because it lets you socialize with other players at a level that other games can't, I have met friends from across the globe that I still talk to, also couples that are now having their own kids, and soooooo many people, interesting people that I wish I could meet IRL to have a nice chat over coffee/drinks/food/etc. I liked that there are so many people that love the game just as much as I do ^^.
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