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Postby Bunnytots » Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:32 am

The pinging of metal upon metal filled the air. Men poured out of the buildings with weapons. Arthur was already in the town square, watching his father be cut down by several risen horrors. The sky was dark as soot, even though it was midmorning. As the reinforcements from the buildings arrived, Arthur sent a bolt of light through his father's chest, trying to keep him from rising. Arrows bounced off his plate armor sending him sprawling to the wet, red ground. Although his vision was blurred, Arthur could just make out the greenish tint of a large fat monster rushing towards the tavern.

"Fall Back!" The town's crier yelled. It was futile as ghouls tore him apart before he could finish. A heavy axe descended towards Arthurs head and luckly the Light shielded him from the blow. Slashing out desperately he beheaded the ghoul that just tried to kill him. Offering a prayer of gratitude to his protect he was suddenly blinded by the light. Through his closed eyes he could see every wound heal and those who died get back up again with renewed vigor. Somehow he knew it wasn't Scourge but Arthur was weary of the others.

"Gordo Smash!" Brought his attention back to the fray. The large fat monster swung his chains and an axe the size of a man around. In one sweep men that were given new life were killed again. Fires started to dance around the buildings. Gordo noticed Arthur and slowly began to move towards him. "Gordo kill puny human dead." Swearing under his breath Arthur raised his sword.

Pillars of light descended from the sky, burning all of the undead attackers. One hit Gordo squarely in the head, but the monster continued his charge. Sometime during the fight Arthur was on feet, only to be knocked down again by the heavy chains that Gordo used. When the monster raised his axe to kill arthur his stomach ripped open. Plague spilled out and covered Arthur. Luckly he was too busy vomiting to notice the axe bite into his neck.

that was just a flashback on how he died. ive had it written for awhile now but i just been to preoccupied with other things. like wow, and viva pinata.
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Postby kozom1234 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:28 am

VIVA PINATA, filled with fun, filled with FUN! :P

GJ bunny :D
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