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Should WoW restart?

Sure! I'm sick of those numbers! Restart WoW!
I've got nothing against WoW as it is, but I'm in!
Meh, I don't care.
I don't like it. WoW pwns as it is. Don't do a do-over.
NOOOOOO! Not Vanilla again! Go away crazy a**!
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Postby Dragonas » Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:48 am

TOTALLY Agree Vergil... got a little sick of /t from "XX" Hey could I borrow 200 gold for my mount. Blah blah blah... I do think the quest mounts are a lil bogus but hey... Well I dunno really... I mean they had a reallllllly epic quest to get your warlock epic mount.. and it was awesome. I loved doing the DM run. But I can see why they did it. And it does make that a lot faster for new guys. I'm currently leveling alts again and it will be nice to have an epic mount that early. ESPECIALLY in STV. I think I might go do some old instances this weekend. I was soloing onyxia on my shaman for the longest, but they reduced the amount of gold you got, so it made it not worth it anymore... was nice getting 150 gold for 15 mins worth of work once a week. And not to mention the gear you could vendor for it. I also love doing DM and UBRS solo... I've been in kara and solo'd up to Nightbane. I have really awesome mana regen and still manage to kick almost 3k dps with the shaman as resto. I've two manned AQ 20 with a pally tank friend of mine. And we did a bunch of MC 3 man. We 4 manned rag that night... was a tad difficult 2 man. Still needed 5 for BWL and 7 for AQ40. The first fight was hell! Anyhow, enough rambling for me.
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