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Postby Lt. Kool-Aid » Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:13 pm

I got a story.... It happened in the distant land of SW.

So i know most of you are 70s or other high lvls, so you haven't done the stockades in a long time. To refresh your memory there is a boss who uses fear (i forgot name dextren ward or something) he is in his own little room with a few guards. NO BIGGIE. however, there are 2 more rooms full of other mobs. to be honest (and brag a bit) I am a healing priest, and a damn good one, so i typically am called in to help fellow guildies in lowbie instances. The hunter who called me there knew that and made me the leader. It was ok from the beginning besides a worthless mage, and a stupid agro-ing pet, but it was within tolerable ranges.

and now the good part

we got to the area with the boss and i warned everyone about his fear and that we should attack his room last. so everyone was on the same page i put a skull over his head and said DO NOT ATTACK SKULL. It had to be a split second after i put the skull up when out of the corner of my eye i see our druid turn into bear form and charge. as quickly as i could i cast fear ward on him, but of course i was too late. He feared into both mob rooms and agro-ed every last living thing in the stocks. now would be the time i would like to say that I was able to save everyone, but alas twas keyboard turning carnage. I kept him alive as long as i could only cause i thought it was hilarious to watch him run all over yelling for healing. within 20 seconds we were all dead.

as we re-entered the instance i only said one thing. "I'll tank from now on"

we finished up the stocks with the healer tanking.

now a smart person would take a note of that druid's name... but I guess I am not smart person.

I ran into him one more time at BFD.
i thought something was fishy about him when i checked out his gear and found most of it to be 10 lvls too low, but i am too trusting and didn't give it a second thought. At the second to last boss when you light the fires one at a time to release mobs, it suddenly dawned on me who this druid was when he lit all 4 fires at the same time (he claimed he thought there was loot in there). Because this time the group was mostly my guild, i didn't bother healing the druid and focused everything i had on the remaining members of the party. Eventually we all died, but i told everyone to wait and i would rez them... i may have just forgotten to rez the bloodied mass that was once a druid in the corner. oops!
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Postby Sieldaren » Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:00 am

Ballarus wrote:
Kall wrote:I wish we had more competent warriors and paladins on our server. Nowadays every paladin is ret...

Hey, I resemble that remark! Actually, a good Ret Paladin should be able to tank any non-heroic instance.

Disagree. But every ok geared 41/20/0 paladin should be able to tank non-heroics and trash, since they got imp. righteous fury, imp shield block, gear full of stamina and spell dmg&healing:). I've actually tanked Attumens horse as 41/20/0.
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Postby gnomstah » Sun Dec 16, 2007 11:23 am

when i played wow i was a rogue-tank i did keyboard turns (AND IM A ROGUE) but i was still pretty good as a tank in ZF etc just need a priest and some mages
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Postby lib3rator » Sun Dec 16, 2007 12:30 pm

i don't know about other healers but i refuse to heal shammy tanks rogue tanks pet tanks shieldless tanks and donald tanks
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Postby Dragemis » Sun Dec 16, 2007 5:50 pm

Sadly, it only takes one person to screw up -.-
I remember the first time i did armory with my tauren warrior. That was LONG ago. The mage we found was SO lost. He didn't speak a word of english except: "GO FAST" and "LOL, NOOB!". Luckily by then I was a decent tank and I had a friend of mine (priest) healing, so the trash was no sweat really. Well, that is apart from the mage getting killed repeatedly and blaming me for it: "AGGRO! NOOB WARRI!!1"

Then we got to Herod. My friend the priest had about 10% mana. That did very much not stop the mage. He went "HORRY PLZZZ!" I tried to slow him down: "Wait for the priest". BUT NOOOOO... He drew his wand and pulled Herod. Needless to say he died instantly, and again I don't really need to tell you I got a lot of angry /w's from him about how much I sucked.

All I could do was quote him to my friend (so we could both laugh at all of it) and find some comfort in that we downed Herod without him so he didn't get any loot/satisfaction from killing the 1hp mobs that come running.

Then there's the fact that I whiped about 30 times, with different PuGs, in LBRS before clearing it... Does seem that people have gotten slightly better since TBC was released, or maybe I'm just lucky in finding people that don't suck.
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Postby Geneth » Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:58 am

Once, some months ago we were on the way to the Kurator. You may know the stairs shortly before you reach the arcaneguards.
There are some mobs which are easily to body pull, if you dont watch out (those ghosts, who can do quite a lot of damage to a low equipped tank - after you leave the theater)
Well, our tank, who had only few experiences in Karazhan ran forward and tried to climb up the stairs with the holes on the left hand. He failed several times and we finally had to port him... Then, in somekind of an euphoric feeling, he ran the last meters up to the top of the stairs and pulled one of the ghosts, who nearly kicked his ass within some seconds. Instead of trying to get back to the healers, who were still laughing over TS, he turned back and jumped off the stairs and died.
Luckily our 2. tank had a fast reaction and manged to catch the ghost, so we survived it.

Please excuse weird sentences, bad grammar or whatelse. :oops:
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Postby osmigos » Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:37 am

I got into a kara that was at the opera event. I was able to get summoned and run to the event before the only warlock managed to run back from the wipe they had before inviting me. Then, with a priest mind visioning him and giving directions over vent, the warlock managed to wander into maiden's hallway and die to mobs (while the priest was screaming "STRAIGHT NOT RIGHT! NOT THAT WAY!" over vent). So eventualy we get him there and do the event. We win, and while loot is being divided someone posts a damage meter, the warlock did 38 dps. Aparently for the entier fight he did nothing but refresh a single dot on a single target.
He was removed... though I don't know how he made it that far without a kick, as he had aparently been with them from the start.
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Postby alzamon » Mon Dec 17, 2007 6:46 am

pug kara ftw!
woah! tha mage is here!

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server dunemaul

me likez to kill ppl who cant reach my ankle. (guess who)
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Postby ShadowHunter » Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:44 am

Sorry, I'm still new in WoW.What does pug mean?
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Postby Cass » Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:58 am

PUG = Pick Up Group.

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Postby Dorgol » Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:41 am

Sieldaren wrote:But every ok geared 41/20/0 paladin should be able to tank non-heroics and trash, since they got imp. righteous fury, imp shield block, gear full of stamina and spell dmg&healing:). I've actually tanked Attumens horse as 41/20/0.

Ya, just last night I did some tanking on my holy paladin. At one point I told the healer I was going to switch to more +dmg gear because I wasn't taking enough damage - thus wasn't getting enough heals and thus going OOM.

So we pulled... and I STILL didn't take enough damage.

Seriously, Paladins are pure win in PvE.
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Postby yssar » Tue Dec 18, 2007 9:53 am

You could not have partied with Donald, because I am Donald.
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Postby PallysPwnNoobs » Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:25 am

lol, now i have a story too

My paladin friend wanted to do Deadmines and two guildies finally said they would run him, but of course they were lvl 26s. I get to the summoning stone and there's a lvl 16 priest (Trightonie, realm Quel'dorei, bug him ;)) there, and he keeps bugging me to invite him, i invite him to group and as a priest he's automatically healer.

We enter the instance easily, and getting to the first boss is cake. Fighting him is not. One of the 26s was a warrior and used charge to Rhahk'Zor, and the priest stood and watched. By the time the warrior was at half health, the priest hadn't moved at all.... my friend became the healer for that boss.... FINALLY we got to Sneed, and the warlock DCs as soon as we attack....

The priest, finally, starts healing, but without the lock it took us like 5 min. Right outside the door i point out that there is a rare spawn if we go left FIRST and then go right.... not 5 sec after EVERYONE in group said ok, even the priest and the newly logged on lock, had the priest gone right, aggroing 3 elite mobs and about 6 of those gay miner guys... we almost wiped... DEADMINES.... the priest died and said, "Why didn't you guys defend me!" omg, i was tempted to kick him... if only i had...

we get to the rare spawn eventually and he drops the blue cape, 16 armor 6 stam, and as the one who pointed him out, i figured i would be the only one who should NEED... the priest needed and won, even tho he had JUST needed on a healing cape.... OMG

it went on and on and SOMEHOW we get to the defias gunpowder part... we forgot about the patrol after Gilnid is killed...the lock, warr, and i were standing by the cannon, getting back mana and health, and then the priest goes back, uses shield, and grabs defias gunpowder... then dies... yet again he said, "Start defending me!" at this point i asked the other two if i should kick him, but he had the gunpowder.... he rezs by going back in instance and on the way to us gets killed by a pat... This time he says, "You guys suck at defending the healer!" then leaves group... it took us a couple sec b4 we realized he had the gunpowder, and i had only 5 more min to play... we couldn't start over... therefore, we all hearthed and left group.... i hate that priest to this day
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Postby Ballarus » Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:44 am

I have wiped more in Deadmines than any other instance. That's partially why it's one of my favorite instances. It's pretty harsh for a first instance and easy to wipe if you mess up. It also teaches you to watch for pats. A few weeks ago, I guildy said he had never been through Deadmines before, so I offered to run him through it. While running him through, I also explained certain things that groups normally did or had to look out for, such as sticking to the wall in the giant forge and the consequences of not doing so, or running to the wheel when accidentally pulling too many mobs and/or the captain. Really, for a starting instance, it's more complex than it's given credit for, especially when compared to RFC or WC.
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Postby PallysPwnNoobs » Mon Dec 24, 2007 2:52 pm

LOL.. in tales of the past 2, my friend made a joke, "We can't do Molten Core, so.... Lets do Deadmines!!!!
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