Dark Legacy Comics Fan Comic:

Nov 21st, 2013
Help create DLC's first fan collaboration comic!

To celebrate our t-shirt campaign, and your involvement, I've decided to create a comic written by you guys.

Starting right now until the end of the shirt campaign, I will be posting at least one comic panel a day except Sunday (comic day) based on your suggestions (depending on the suggestion it may be multiple panels). Here are the rules:

1. Each panel will have its own post on the DLC Facebook page. reply to each post with your suggestions for the next panel.
2. Once I have selected a suggestion, all further suggestions for the upcoming panel will be ignored.
3. Your suggestion must continue the story from the previous panel.
3. The most liked suggestion wins, I break ties, and I have veto power (hopefully I won't have to veto, but just in case)

Without further ado, here is our work in progress:

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